Explore: Discovering The True Casablanca, Morocco

October 24th 2023 in Explore
Explore: Discovering The True Casablanca, Morocco

Discovering The True Casablanca, Morocco

Birdseye view of Casablanca, Morocco

Despite its fame due to the Hollywood classic, Casablanca, Morocco is rarely at the top of the itinerary for travellers in the African country. With so much on offer, including culture and magnificent architecture, there is plenty to see and visit in Casablanca. Let's explore this remarkable city.

Why Is Casablanca, Morocco Famous?

Of course, many people have heard of Casablanca because of the 1942 film starring Humphrey Bogart. However, lots of these people would not be able to place it on a map. Plus, none of the film was actually filmed in the city, so anyone expecting to spot the film’s locations will be sorely disappointed.

Casablanca, Morocco

There is a lot more to Casablanca than the film and more reasons as to why it's famous. Crucially, it is home to one of the largest mosques in the world and one of only two in the country that visitors can enter. It is also well known for being the entrepreneurial and economic hub of Morocco. With a beautiful port stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean, it is not only a wonderful sight to take in but has opened the city to the rest of the world.

Named by the Spanish after its whitewashed buildings that line the shore, many see Casablanca as a stop-over location before moving on to Fes. But, the largest city in the country has a bit of everything and is well worth a wander to discover this hidden gem of Morocco.

Get Ready To Explore The Magical City

From culture to architecture to delicious food, here are just some of the things you should visit in Casablanca.

A Blend Of Buildings Through The Ages

Inside Hassan II Mosque Casablanca

Casablanca, Africa is a blend of the old and the new, with Art Deco structures lining the streets as well as modern shopping centres, palaces and towering religious buildings. Here are the ones you definitely don’t want to miss.

Hassan II Mosque

Outside Hassan II Mosque

Built over 13 years with the help of 6,000 workmen, the Hassan II Mosque is perhaps one of the most impressive pieces of architecture in Casablanca, if not Morocco itself.

One of the largest mosques in the world, it towers over the Atlantic Ocean and sits on the shore of the majestic city. Inside, the mosque can hold an impressive 25,000 people inside and another huge 80,000 can be accommodated outside within the grounds too.

Whilst it’s an impressive sight to behold from the outside, the Hassan II Mosque is rare in the fact that non-Muslims are allowed to enter. Make the most of the opportunity to explore this magnificent building, detailed with intricate design and heavy with religious significance.

Take A Trip To Rick’s Cafe

This is definitely a trip for those who are fans of the Casablanca film. Though the location was fictional in the film, now you can visit it for real after an American ex-diplomat brought the cafe to life.

Get transported to the 1940s with the decor, the sounds of a jazz piano and extravagant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Stop here for a spot of lunch even if you haven’t seen Casablanca, Africa to see the global impact of the Hollywood classic.

Splash Out At Morocco Mall

The largest shopping centre in Morocco, there are plenty of things to do here for the whole family.

Inside Mall

The modern building is filled with designer shops, high street brands and more to splash the cash. If you’re visiting Morocco with the kids, you can take them to the aquarium inside the mall, home to sharks!

Don’t worry about tiring out, there are lots of restaurants offering crowd pleasers or authentic Moroccan cuisine where you can rest and freshen up for another round of shopping.

Explore The Culture With The Markets

Markets are the best way to see the authentic side of a country and mingle with the locals. Luckily, there are plenty on offer in Casablanca, Morocco.

Street of Casablanca

The Central Market is perhaps the largest, a market filled with sights and smells to occupy the senses. If you see something that takes your fancy, be prepared to haggle or you’ll be overcharged!

The Habous Souk is found in the New Town area of Casablanca and was founded by French colonisers. You can wander around by yourself or take a guided tour through the vibrant Souk. Everything you can think of is sold here, whether you want to window shop or take home an intriguing souvenir.

Hopefully, we have now answered ‘What to visit in Casablanca’ and you’ve now added it to your Morocco itinerary. Whether you’re going for a day trip or staying for longer, there are lots on offer in beautiful Casablanca.

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