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The Finalrentals Morocco Story

Finalrentals Morocco is our our to get a footprint in Africa and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with such determined partners in this beautiful country. Our partnership here is a testament to our global growth, making the car rental experience as easy as possible for even more customers.

Our story began with innovation and we’re thrilled to work with our Morocco partners who have the same vision. 

A country full of ancient history, vibrant culture and vast landscapes, Finalrentals Morocco is ready to kickstart your smooth journey full of wonders.

Morocco Is A Melting Pot Of History

Morocco’s history is as vast as its deserts, going back over 1000 years a littered with different dynasties and civilisations. This began with the Idrisside dynasty back in 800 AD before moving on to the Almoravid, Almohad, Marinid and Saadian dynasties, bringing us to the 1600s. 

Since then, Morocco has been in the Alouite dynasty, with Marrakech already confirmed as its capital after recovering several of its cities from Portugal. There have also been battles with French occupation in recent years after France took over Casablanca and began appointing the monarchs of Morocco. However, in 1956, the French signed an agreement granting full independence, with Spain following closely after.

Because of its history, the country has heavy influences from Africa, its home continent, as well as the Spanish, Romans, French and Arabians. This is evident wherever you go in the country and is a spectacle to behold.

Visit the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, an architectural masterpiece made with white marble, granite and a vibrant green-tiled roof. Admire the craftsmanship as you learn all about the first King of Morocco, an integral figure in Moroccan history.

Though it may look like a huge sandcastle from a distance, the Kasbah of Taourirt in Ouarzazate is a must-visit. A towering fortress, it is a World Heritage Site from the 17th century built entirely from straw and other. Film buffs may also recognise it from several movies.

One of the greatest monuments is the Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Africa. With half of the building on water, the minaret stretches to 200m high. What makes it even better is that it is open to visitors, so regardless of your faith, you can get up close to the detailed craftsmanship.

Finalrentals Morocco are well aware of all the historically significant locations dotted around the fascinating country. That’s why we allow our customers to drop off their rentals in a different location to pick up, giving you complete control of your itinerary.

A Taste Of Morocco

Like much else of the country, Moroccan cuisine is a blend of flavours originating from Berber, Arabia and Jewish traditions. Dining here is an aromatic experience for all of the senses, with each region having its own delicacies.

Before you sit down at the table, you can get a taste of Moroccan cuisine in the medinas and markets where merchants sell colourful spices and street food for you to try there and then.

Cous cous, Berber Omelette and Tangines are special favourites. Full of spices and flavour, cous cous is often served with tagine, a meat stew that is certain to warm you from the inside out.

Every meal in Morocco is set to delight and leave you craving more on your return trip home. Plus, their dishes are typically filled with vegetables and fresh meat so you know it will be good for you as well!

Moroccans are known for being, especially hospital, a service which our Finalrentals Morocco team replicates in our offices! A tea ceremony is common here and it is a privilege to be invited. Small sweet treats, such as baklava and dried fruits are also served as well s the opportunity to have a great conversation with the locals.

Finalrentals Morocco aims to be equally as helpful as the Moroccan locals, offering 24/7 customer service throughout your trip and beyond.

Start Your Finalrentals Morocco Story

Deciding what country to visit is just the beginning, but Finalrentals Morocco is here to help you throughout your journey. We frequently publish travel blogs covering all the top places in Morocco as well as the best activities to partake in while you’re there. 

Currently, our top destinations include Fes, Casablanca, Tangier and more, so read all about these fascinating locations and let us help you plan the perfect itinerary. 

Wherever you decide to go in Morocco, know that Finalrentals will provide you with a quality car suited to your needs and budget. Our fees are always upfront and competitive, giving you more money to spend on making lifelong memories.