Explore: Tangier, Morocco: The Ultimate Moroccan Destination

October 26th 2023 in Explore
Explore: Tangier, Morocco: The Ultimate Moroccan Destination

Tangier, Morocco: The Ultimate Moroccan Destination

Tangier coast

Tangier is the ultimate destination when visiting Morocco, capturing all of the country’s attractions in one location. A vibrant hub found on the north coast of the country, there is history, nightlife and the Tangier beaches to enjoy. Here is why a Tangier holiday should be your next trip.

Tangier is a gateway between Africa and Europe, known as a creative centre for many artists, musicians and others. In fact, Tangier became the home of famous creatives such as Matisse and Hendrix, proving its artistic significance.

In recent years, Tangier has grown hugely and become a destination for tourists. More laid back than other locations in Morocco, there are still so many Moroccan hidden gems to enjoy here.

What To See In Tangier, Morocco

It is recommended that you spend a couple of days here for your Tangier holiday to ensure you have seen all the attractions in the city. So you make the most of your trip, here are our suggestions for must-do things when here.

The Extraordinary Medina

As with many of the places in Morocco, such as Fes, the medina is a must-see location to get to the heart of the city.

Tangier, Morocco

Spreading out from the 1947 Square, representing the independence of Morocco. A beautiful water feature stands in the middle, with plenty of benches around, it's perfect for some people watching and taking in the wonderful city.

The medina then expands out, with winding narrow streets full of colours and street vendors yelling out to attract tourists and more. Littered with perfect picture moments, there are also delicious cafes and restaurants hidden within the Tangier Medina waiting for you to find.

Tangier Kasbahs Are A Must

Found on the city’s dry hills, the Kasbahs are the highest point of the medina and well worth the trek. The fortified complex gives you a stunning view of the city below and is home to the Dar-el-Makhzen palace, constructed in the 17th century.

You’ll also find the Kasbah Museum here and architecture inspired by the Romans. Learn about Moroccan traditions and crafts and embrace the interesting culture of the region.

The Great Mosque Of Tangier

This building is truly unmissable on your Tangier holiday because of its vibrant colour and has a long history.

The Great Mosque of Tangier

Built in the 17th century, the building was originally a mosque before becoming under Portuguese rule and turning into a cathedral. Because of that, many denominations have found a home in the Great Mosque, but now is a place of worship for the Muslim community.

Standing tall with colours of deep green and yellow, the mosque can’t go unnoticed and is a must-see attraction in Tangier, Morocco.

Tangier’s Caves Of Hercules

A short drive from the city centre is the famous Tangier Hercules Caves. Associated with the Greek Hero, it is believed that Hercules rested amongst these cave systems after separating Africa and Europe.

Statue inside of the caves of hercules

Since then, the caves have been significant in providing income for the locals, with the rocks helping with the oil industry and even serving as shelters for refugees.

With huge open cavernous spaces, human carvings are etched on the walls with statues of the Greek heroes around the stunning location.

Get a guided tour of the winding caves before enjoying the Tangier beaches and lush nature in the surrounding area.

Take A Sip At The Cafe Hafa

Visiting cafes and eateries is a must whenever you’re on holiday, but the Cafe Hafa is a truly unique location.

A gorgeous location looking out onto the strait with massive bohemian vibes, this cafe is an outstanding 100-year-old. Over its long history, it has been visited by many famous musicians, so it’s definitely a perfect picture opportunity to make all the family jealous.

Bear in mind that Cafe Hara might be incredibly busy as it's a tourist hotspot, so booking or calling ahead is recommended.

Stay For The Tangier Nightlife

Tangier at night

Significantly improved since the mid-20th century, there are plenty of places to have entertainment in the evenings with the Tangier nightlife. Many of the cafes around the city turn to bars in the evening, serving cocktails with live music and more so you can dance the night away.

Much of the entertainment on offer is traditionally Moroccan, but many of the more tourist-heavy locations have a bit of everything.

Tangier, Morocco is the perfect location that captures the essence of Morocco. Book your trip and get your vehicle with Finalrentals.