Morocco Explore: 10 Best Places to Visit

February 16th 2023 in Explore
Morocco Explore: 10 Best Places to Visit

10 Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is one of those countries that intrigues and thrills. It's the kind of country that's utterly unique, with a bunch of the top spots in Morocco strewn all around the country. Unlike many other destinations, it has gorgeous Arabesque architecture, souks, and even blue-coloured cities.


Let us begin with the capital. Rabat is a significant tourist attraction, as are most capital cities. Rabat split into two central districts: the New Town and the Old Town. The New Town is ideal for shopping and relaxing in the city's open-air pubs and cafes.

The Old Town, which has a busier and more historical vibe, is packed with classic Moroccan souks (markets) and is a terrific location to explore, find some fantastic deals, and do some good old-fashioned people-watching.

Visit Chellah and discover some of the historic Roman remains. It's breathtaking.


Marrakech is the most popular option and will likely pique your interest in seeing more of Morocco. Visiting the top spots in Marrakesh is a sensory overload; it's lively, colourful, historic, and beautiful. The city's historic Old town has a sensory overload. Furthermore, the aromas of spices, food, and, occasionally, tanneries are instantly recognisable.

Embrace the mayhem by staying within the city walls in a traditional Riad and shopping in the maze-like souks. Make time to see Bahia Palace, which is one of the top destinations to visit in Morocco.

Toubkal National Park and Jebel Toubkal

The walk to Jebel Toubkal's peak is far from easy, reaching a height of 4,167m, saying that nothing worthwhile comes easy.

It will only feel authentic when you appreciate the vista from the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains.

The park is worth exploring if you need more time to get to the top. It's a great area to get away from the noise and commotion of Marrakech, being only 70 km away. It is one of the most excellent spots in Morocco to visit, even for a day trip from Marrakech

Sidi Ifni

Its Spanish ancestry is the most intriguing aspect of this fishing village in southwest Morocco. Sidi Ifni was once a Spanish territory, and signs of this can still be seen today.

Sidi Ifni is warm all year round, the attitude is cheerful and energetic, and the beaches are charming.

It's one of the best destinations in Morocco for a more laid-back vacation, particularly at the famed Legzira Beach.


You can frequently tell whether an area is worth seeing by whether or not the locals bother with it. Asilah is an excellent site because it is popular with Moroccan tourists.

There is also a wealth of Portuguese history dating back to the 15th century. From its distinctive white-painted houses to its magnificent shoreline and the colourful paintings adorning the city walls, Asilah is one of Morocco's unmissable yet sometimes ignored jewels.


This small town in the Rif mountains is famed for its quaint blue-painted houses, which give it a decidedly surreal look and feel. Chefchaouen is the ideal location for exploring Morocco's nature side from a civilised base.

Chefchaouen is the ideal location for exploring Morocco's nature side from a civilised base. Every neighbourhood has a view of the mountains, but if you need more than that, you can also go trekking or wild swimming nearby. It's undoubtedly one of the most iconic sights in Morocco.


This fortified imperial city was Morocco's capital in the 17th century when Sultan Moulay controlled the country. Sultan's mausoleum remains one of the city's main attractions today.

Meknes has a more easygoing attitude than Rabat and Marrakech, making it a suitable alternative for a more leisurely Moroccan city holiday.

It's also an excellent starting point for seeing the ruins of Volubilis, a fascinating and partially excavated Berber/Roman city considered the capital of Ancient Mauretania.


Whilst many Moroccan cities have claimed the title of capital over the years, Fes has held it for an astonishing 400 of them. It's a mediaeval city with historical buildings that are intriguing to walk through. See the 9th-century walled town of Fes El Bali and the Merenid Tombs while you're here. They're gorgeous.


If Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley thought it was good enough, so should we. Essaouira is a modest seaside town that has become famous for attracting celebrities. Throughout the town today, you may still witness colourful paintings and homage to these music superstars.

Essaouira is a small but lovely seaside town with a charming harbour, ideal for getting away from the stresses of everyday life.


Go out to the edge of the Saharan dunes to Erg Chebbi for a taste of something unique.

Merzouga is a little village that offers an authentic sense of Bedouin life.

The best way to explore Merzouga's spectacular natural surroundings is on camelback or in a vehicle; it's a genuinely memorable experience and one of the most incredible spots to visit in Morocco if you want a desert adventure.