Explore: Best Villages in Morocco

September 1st 2023 in Explore
Explore: Best Villages in Morocco

Best Villages in Morocco

To truly explore somewhere, you often have to go off the beaten path to get to know the culture and the people best.

You’ll definitely want to vacation in the more popular places such as Marrakech and Fez. However, the North African country has so much to offer more rurally. Here are our recommendations for the best villages in Morocco to visit.

Blue and white village in Morocco on sunny day.

Best Villages To Visit In Morocco

Away from the tourists lies the hidden gems of Morocco, with just as much (if not more!) on offer to make the destination your dream vacation. From snowy mountains, Swiss influences and century-old Kasbahs, make sure you take a trip to any of the following villages in Morocco.


Located in the north of the country, Asilah is a Mediterranean haven. The seaside village has been the home of numerous civilisations and cultures throughout history. It has been under Portuguese rule and before the Phoenicians from modern-day Lebanon. Because of this, little snippets of these various cultures remain in the Moroccan village, making it incredibly intriguing to wander around.

Take in its street art and traditional blue and white houses before heading to the 15th-century Medina on the cliffs to gaze over the Moroccan landscape.


If you’re looking for somewhere a little different to visit, then Ifrane is one of the best villages in Morocco to do that. Unique to others in the country, it was created during the French rule of the region, meaning it much more closely resembles a Swiss ski village than other Moroccan villages.

Found in the Atlas Mountains, Ifrane is the perfect destination for some skiing, relaxing in a chalet or taking a break from the warmer climate during the summer months. Nearby are a collection of stunning waterfalls well worth a visit and the region’s National Park to the west.

A day trip here will mean you’ve really seen all that Morocco offers.


Taking a trip down south you’ll find the small fishing town of Mirleft, dotted with various beaches untouched by the vast tourism other areas of Morocco experience.

Definitely a place for relaxation, visitors spend their time sunbathing, surfing or walking across its magnificent coastline. What’s even better is that it's only an hour from Marrakech, making it the perfect village for a day trip on your Moroccan vacation.

Perhaps a better location for those who enjoy activities on their travels, Mirleft is also often frequented by windsurfers, hikers and even rally drivers.

Plus, it’s home to some fantastic small cafes just waiting to give you a taste of the flavourful Moroccan cuisine.


Though Tafraoute is a little tricky to reach, once you’re there you’ll be glad you didn’t miss it. A must-do for those who always pack their walking boots.

Surrounded by the red dusty mountains and incredible rock formations, it doesn’t get more off the beaten track than this secluded village.

Visiting on a Wednesday will mean being able to peruse its market and get yourself some authentic Moroccan trinkets as souvenirs. Not far away, you’ll find the dreamy oasis and the charming Berber villages if you’ve got the time in your itinerary.

Plus, it has some great trails for not only walking but mountain biking. Whilst you’re there, partake or witness in the hammam ritual; you won’t find it more authentic than in Tafroute.


Near the Dades Valley next to the Sahara you’ll find the settlement of Skoura. This is where, some of the most impressive and oldest kasbahs are, with some of the fortified villages dating back to the 4th century.

Hidden within a valley of palm trees, this is one of the best villages in Morocco for a peaceful visit, yet still full of history and culture. The village is home to Ait Ben Abou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The kasbahs spread out across several kilometres; enough crumbling ruins to keep you entertained for a little while in this beautiful village.

There is a huge amount of nature to take in as you wander around the trees and between the two rivers, and some fantastic photo opportunities for your scrapbook.

When visiting Morocco, it’s expected that you’ll vacation in the more popular areas. There’s a reason that tourists flock there and you shouldn’t miss out either. However, don’t forget about these hidden villages in the heart of Morocco which will ensure you get the most authentic experience out of your vacation.

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